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Liz Lantigua – Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy HS

August 18, 2014:

MIAMI | Bob Rafuls had been married for 12 years, with three kids, when suddenly he found himself divorced and living in his parents’ house. 

“I cried to God every night. Why is this happening? It was really rough,” said Rafuls, who suffered through depression after his divorce and lost close to 100 pounds.
One day he was reading the newspaper and noticed in the Neighbors section of the Miami Herald a small ad that read: “Divorced and Separated Group meets every Thursday at 7:30 PM.” It might have been small but for Rafuls it stood out in big letters that day. It was at these meetings that he was invited to a Wellspring Experience.
“It was a turning point for me and my healing,” he said of his attendance in spring 1995. “It was a confusing time full of emotions that I didn’t understand. I realized I wasn’t alone in this journey. Wellspring gave me the tools and information that led me on my journey to healing.”

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